Happy birthday, Document Liberation Project!

Dave Tardon


The Document Liberation Project was officially announced at LGM in Leipzig on April 2 2014, a year ago. We (the founding members) gave a talk about the project later on the same day.

The project was planned as an umbrella over autonomous projects that handle various file formats and that use the same framework (I do not like this term, but I do not have any better one). This makes it very easy to integrate a new import library to an application, because it uses the same interface as other already inegrated import libraries. But at the same time it allows the libraries to exist as independent projects, with different maintainers, release schedules, licenses etc. Let me repeat this: we have never wanted to excercise any strict control. We want people to work with us, not for us.

At the occassion of the project’s first birthday, I think it…

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