The Ubuntu phone is about to go on sale, but curb your enthusiasm


Finally, after many delays, the first Ubuntu phone is about to hit the market. In Europe. And only through a series of online flash sales. And you’ve almost certainly never heard of the manufacturer.

On the plus side, it will come with quite a few recognizable mobile services, including [company]Facebook[/company], [company]Twitter[/company], [company]eBay[/company], [company]Amazon[/company], [company]Time Out[/company], [company]Yelp[/company], [company]SoundCloud[/company] and [company]Grooveshark[/company]. It won’t have WhatsApp but it will have the Telegram encrypted messaging service. However, given how Canonical has talked up Ubuntu for phones in the last few years, it’s hard not to feel let down.

Great expectations

Canonical promised a uniquely converged device that behaves like a phone until it’s plugged into a keyboard and monitor, at which point it becomes a fully-fledged Ubuntu desktop. The Ubuntu Edge crowdfunding campaign was a record-breaker even though that flagship concept phone would never be made, but still failed to pique the…

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