Baniya’s Opposition of E-Commerce: Dubious Reportage on AAP before Delhi 2015?

My Experiments with Politics and Policy In India

As part of Delhi Dialogue, the initiative at the Aam Aadmi Party that I’m helping put together to draft AAP’s vision and manifesto for Delhi, we recently conducted Business Dialogue, an initiative to lay out the policy interventions that we propose to make Delhi the trade, business and services hub of India. Now before you reading anything that forms your opinion based on what I write, go watch the actual footage of #BusinessDialogue and have a look at what Arvind Kejriwal actually said. Our trade and industry policy will be based on the following ideas:

  • Facilitating greater trade within Delhi by having trader-friendly policies
  • Streamlining rules and regulations for running and establishing industry.
  • Simplifying licensing procedures and providing single window clearances.
  • Simplifying VAT and other tax structures of Delhi to ensure tax compliance.
  • Easy tax filings and assessments with well-defined streamlines procedures.
  • Providing better facilities like roads, water and…

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